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exotic trip to chiang mai

My exotic trip to Chiang Mai and how you can have your scooter for free while you’re there

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a holiday in an exotic country and I’d been searching for the right fit for me for quite some time. With so many new things to experience and such diverse cultures to enjoy all across th...

Nick Crown Wedding Magician

The Increasing Appeal of Wedding Videography in 2015

When it comes to a wedding, nothing quite captivates memories like a set of awe-inspiring photographs or a digital recording that really captures that special day. As traditional as photography is at a wedding, there’s be...

pale skin tone prom dress

What’s The Best Prom Dress To Wear Based On Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to the prom, everything needs to be perfect. It’s probably the first time you will be able to get so dressed up and have a fantastic night with your friends and how you look will be very important to you. So it ...

pamper party UK

5 Steps for a Perfect Pamper Party

To have great, amazing and perfect pamper parties for any woman there are procedures to follow in the preparation, organizing and finally the real party itself. Considering those special moments for girls such as birthdays, sle...

ingredients for a healthy lifestyle theICForum

25 ways to replace your ingredients for a healthier lifestyle

Here are the 25 most awesome ways to replace your food with something much better.

foods for skin the icforum

The best foods and drinks for a better skin

Beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Counteract free radical damage by shopping for foods that contain super-skin nutrients vitamin A, C and E. For a golden glow (and to keep deep wrinkles at bay) vitamin A is th...

start savings the icforum

Help on how to start the savings habit

Owing to the fact that the limit for a fixed-rate ISA is now £15,000 for the 2014/15 tax year, more and more people are thinking about opening a savings account to reap interest rate rewards. However, with the spiralling cost ...

wedding planer theicforum

Why and how to hire a wedding planner

Having a wedding planner to rely on can make the whole process much easier and less stressful than it could be. Today’s busy couples don’t always have the time or desire to plan their own wedding. A wedding planner is seaso...